Daniel F. Galouye

Selected Magazine Publications


published in

Sanctuary Fantasy & Science Fiction, Feb. 1954
Satan's Shrine Galaxy, Sept. 1954
Jebaburba Galaxy, Oct. 1954
Country Estate Galaxy, Aug. 1955
The Pliable Fantasy & Science Fiction, May 1956
Seeing-Eye Dog Galaxy, Sept. 1956
All Jackson's Children Galaxy, Jan. 1957
Shuffle Board Worlds of If, June 1957
Shock Troop Galaxy, June 1957
If Money Galaxy, Aug. 1957
The Destiny Detector Amazing, Sep. 1957
Share Alike Galaxy, Oct. 1957
Soft Touch Galaxy, June 1959
Sitting Duck Worlds of If, July 1959
The Last Leap Worlds of If, Jan. 1960
Kangaroo Court Worlds of If, Sept. 1960
Fighting Spirit Galaxy, Dec. 1960
Summons of the Void Fantastic, Dec. 1960
The Reality Paradox Fantastic, Jan. 1961
The Chasers Galaxy, Feb. 1961
The Big Blow-Up Fantastic, Mar. 1961 &July 1979
Homey Atmosphere Galaxy, Apr. 1961
Descent Into the Malestrom Fantastic, Apr. 1961
The Trekkers Fantastic, Sept. 1961
Spawn of Doom Fantastic, Dec. 1961
A Silence of Wings Fantastic, Feb. 1962
Recovery Area Amazing, Feb. 1963
Reign of the Telepuppets Amazing, Aug. 1963
Centipedes of Space Fantastic Stories, April 1964
Mindmate Amazing, July 1964
Flights of Fancy Fantasy & Science Fiction, Apr. 1968
O Kind Master Worlds of If, Jan. 1970